4 Tips - How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The average person gains between  during this time of year between Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Here's How YOU can AVOID holiday weight gain!

1) Lift weights 3-5 Days A week during the holidays so that the extra calories can be utilized for building lean muscle which will result in a faster metabolism.

2) Add HIIT High intensity interval training 1-2 times per week to BOOST metabolism & avoid rapid fat gain!

3) Lower your carbs or calories the days leading up to a BIG feast such as Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, holiday parties, and events. YOUR DAILY CALORIE INTAKE MATTERS BUT OVERALL NET WEEKLY CALORIES MATTER EVEN MORE! This is why dieting Mon-Friday and letting loose on the weekends DOES NOT WORK!

4) Hire an online coach and get a custom plan to help you maintain your body or at least build some curves during this time of year! BE PROACTIVE, build muscle now and turn your body into a fat burning machine with regular weight training, diet, and cardio!

I am offering a special deal for 6 months and 12 weeks online coaching plans.

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